Legacy/Estate Planning

The goal of Legacy Planning is to pass along your wishes and assets to your loved ones upon your death or inability to do so yourself. Life insurance can be an important component of your estate planning strategy. But what if you become ill, disabled or require long- term care?

Senior American Services is ready to help you develop a risk management plan that will protect your assets against the high costs of long-term care. Our focus is on products that we believe balance both safety and opportunity:

It’s important that legacy planning be coordinated with your financial advisor and insurance professional.  At Senior American Services, you get the holistic benefit of having both of these highly qualified professionals under one roof.  Plus, we can offer you expert counsel from our support team of advisors that include a CPA, a trust attorney and mortgage loan specialist to carry out your estate planning goals

Working together, we’ll help you decide the right amount of insurance you need, to answer your questions about life insurance, long-term care and fixed annuities as well as formulate a balanced plan that delivers certainty, predictability and peace-of-mind.

As always, please remember that while we facilitate moving your money, unlike a brokerage firm, we charge no fees. This means 100% of your investment goes to work for you immediately.

Let’s sit down, talk, and discuss your estate planning goals and how it all ties into to your retirement planning.

Some Basic Goals of Estate Planning: