Having to pay taxes may be the single biggest wealth-eroding factor we all will face during retirement. Distributions from employer plans, traditional IRAs, annuities and Social Security may all be subject to taxation. Having a tax-efficient retirement income strategy in place now could be the most important thing you can do to maximize your retirement income.

It’s also important, that your financial advisor, insurance agent, attorney and accountant all be on the same page. That’s a key advantage of working with Senior American Services Group - all of this expertise can be coordinated and leveraged to your advantage under one roof. Our holistic approach means you’ll benefit from the collaboration of a strong team who develop a fully integrated tax-efficient, retirement plan for you.

We believe in managing our clients' portfolios by being proactive and forward thinking in anticipating the tax impact of potential decisions so you can minimize your tax liabilities down the road.

Let's sit down, talk, review and together work up a comfortable retirement strategy that is structure to minimize your tax liability.

Key Tax Planning Goals: