At Senior American Services, we understand both the challenges and opportunities facing investors who are nearing retirement or already retired. It’s important to realize what steps you can take now to help grow your portfolio, and to determine what sources of income you should tap into first to minimize tax and maximize income potential.

By conducting a thorough review and understanding of your portfolio, your risk tolerance and your plans for the future, we can help you prioritize your goals and develop a comprehensive plan that seeks to preserve and grow your retirement assets.

Whether you are in still working or have already retired, having a strategic retirement income plan in place is crucial to your ability to maintain the quality lifestyle you desire and to ensure that your long-term healthcare, estate planning, charitable giving, travel and other personal goals are funded.

While we facilitate the actual moving of your money, unlike a brokerage firm, 100% of your investment goes to work for you immediately. What’s more, there are financial incentives by the individual companies we represent to help mitigate post market losses.

For your protection: never ever transfer funds to an individual or local office. Checks should be remitted to the actual receiving firms.

Let's sit down, talk, and discuss the many investment options that are available to help grow your portfolio.

We can assist you with Retirement Income Strategies for: