Medicare Advantage (MA) plans were introduced in 2004 as part of the overall Medicare Benefits Program, as well as Part D (Prescription Drug) program.

Roger was one of the first 100 insurance experts to offer Medicare Advantage plans in South Carolina.  This means he has a vast understanding of all plans available and which one is your best choice for your specific needs.

Most MA plans have little or no premium and 90% of all the doctors that treat Medicare patients accept them.  These plans have many extras that you don’t receive with Original Medicare such as gym membership, Rx coverage, hearing and dental - all with no deductibles.

There are also special benefits available for Veterans and Special Needs such as low-income and Medicaid recipients.

So, whether you are new to Medicare or just want to see if you are receiving all of the benefits you serve, you need to contact Roger! Click the chat link on the lower right of the screen and he'll respond to you quickly.


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